How to Pick a Good Domain Name

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r> Get a ?.com? name: Avoid the ?.net? (unless you run an ISP) and ?.org? names (unless your business is a non-profit)
Forget about a name that has less than four or five characters: It?s gone by now

To help you understand better how to find a good name, we?re going to pretend you are an accountant based in Tucson, named Bob. Here?s what you should do to find a good name:

1. Register your actual business name. If it is ?Bob?s Accounting & Tax Services, Inc.? Then start by searching to see if, " is available. If that?s not available, add letters, such as ?
2. Try not to use abbreviations (i.e. ? Most are impossible to remember and if your customers can?t remember your domain name, they won?t find you!
3. After you get your company name, try getting one or more domains that are more generic and describe your business. For instance, ? or ? would be good for Bob since he is based in Tucson.
4. Now find a name or two that use keywords that would be used to find your services via a search engine. (Hyphens won?t hurt here). You will use these domain names help you come up higher in search engines. If you?re not sure what keywords to use, go to or and try to find a business in your town that does what you do. Use these same words in your domain name. For example, ? or ? or ? or ? would work too for Bob.
5. Protect your name further. If you found the perfect ?.com? name for your website and you want to protect it, then register the ?.net? & ?.org? names too. These are not good names normally. But it prevents other competitors from grabbing them and potentially riding on your website marketing coattails.
6. If your name is not available to register, buy it! Often, the person who has registered it, might be interested in selling; especially if they haven?t already turned the name into a website. To find out who owns a domain name, go to You can send the owner an email that you are interested in buying their domain name. There are also many services that sell domain names on the secondary market. Try or and see if your name or one similar is available. Often you can pickup a really good name for a couple of hundred dollars. This could be small change if you figure how much more likely potential customers will find you.

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